Interactive Communication Management

I'm in the of preparing for a conference presentation in San Francisco in a couple of weeks. The topic is online communication tracking and I am using the Coast Guard's experience of tracking inquiries it received during Hurricane Katrina as the main case study. It is absolutely fascinating. Can you imagine what questions you might get from the public if you were a PIO in those circumstances. Think about it. What questions would you have to answer? If you knew in advance, you would know what lines of communications you needed to have with the response team in order to get the info you needed.

Of the hundreds of inquiries received via the Coast Guard's PIER communication management system (full disclosure–my company provides that technology) the vast majority were very complimentary. As well they should be. The Coasties worked their tails off to rescue folks and accomplished an amazing 30,000 plus rescues during Katrina. Knowing that, how you would answer the inquiry from an angry woman who was complaining that the Coast Guard wasn't doing enough to save starving and homeless pets?

I think it would be fascinating to be able to view (protecting names and identities of course) the kinds of questions PIOs get in the middle of a major incident. It would help prepare you as a PIO or executive to be able to anticipate questions and therefore deal with them better and faster.

Let me know if you are interested in such a compilation and if there is enough interest, I just might do something about that.