Why a sleeping cable guy should make you nervous

This guy named Finkelstein in Washington DC calls Comcast to get his cable fixed. The cable guy comes over and gets put on hold by his own service department for an hour, so he takes a nap. Finkelstein thinks this is funny so he videotapes the cable guy asleep and puts some music to it.

No big deal. Just like ten thousand other service problems going on right now. Amusing even. But then Finkelstein does what young interneters do these days. He shared his video. With a quarter of a million others. He posted it up on www.youtube.com and 227,000 others got the opportunity to share in his little joke.

It didn’t end there. The news media picked it up. I watched the video on KING5 last night on the 11 pm news. Not sure how many others picked it up or if the likes of CNN or other cable networks covered it as well. I did check and it was on Newsvine (www.newsvine.com).

The point here is not Comcast’s customer service problems (I’m a customer and they have problems). But it is the fact that any of your employees doing dumb things can easily be videotaped or simply show up in a blog, on a news site, or a vodcast. Talk about a glass house. Talk about transparency. When one partied-out cable guy decides to take a nap, suddenly it can become a major, major black eye for his employer and make national news.

The value of having a house with lots of windows is that you tend to want to clean up. Even those untidy closets and corners. So that is the first thing to think about. What needs to be cleaned up? What would be embarrassing and undo all the good work you do and effort spent on communicating and building reputation? But, dustballs will happen. Nothing can be perfectly clean and sooner or later one of your employees is going to take a nap in front of a camera or do something else to embarrass you. Then the question is, are you prepared to deal with it–at the speed of youtube?

7 thoughts on “Why a sleeping cable guy should make you nervous”

  1. what kind of ass assumes the cable guy was ‘partied out’. I work for the big C and more likely this guy, like the rest of us, works 10 to 14 hours a day for ingrates like you. ps we do not break routers, defective routers destroy our modems with voltage feedback.

  2. “The point here is not Comcast’s customer service problems.”
    Norm – I think you missed the point. I am a customer of Comcast and everyone that I have dealt with has been great. So thanks for all your hard work. The point is our society is such now that we have to watch our backs because you never know who else may be watching it. At least that’s what I got from it.

  3. You’re absolutely right Ashley. Besides, you didn’t call anyone any names in making your point. I appreciate that.

    Norm made a good point about assuming the guy was partied out. That may not be right. But to document a cable guy sleeping in your house because he can’t reach his own office on the phone for an hour is one problem. The other is the fact that it was videotaped and spread all over the internet.

  4. I believe I called no one a name ,I only asked a question .I did not libel the cable guy by saying he was ‘partied out’. I believe my point is that cable guys are overworked and under paid( we have had the same pay scale since Comcast took over our company in 2001) which allows Comcast to work it’s tecks 2-4 hrs overtime each day and still pay tv monkey wages , on the other hand, the CEO , son of the founder ,received a reported 36% raise in salery in 2005 . ps why is anyone surprised that this video is news in a nation that watches and reads the celebrity gossip tv shows and magazines while real issues are ignored? Bread and games anyone??

  5. I’ve got comments for both sides here.

    The technician shouldnt be sleeping an a cx’s couch… or any furniture/floor etc in a customers house. Not cool. The circumstances that led him to be there dont matter. Unless it was work related..

    The customer could have offered him a coffee or such to help get him through, but instead did the most degrading thing possible. Taped and up’ed to the net.(most likely costing the tech his job…) Not suprising however, americans tend to find joy in others pain and ultimately end up sticking their noses where they dont belong in other peoples business.

    Someday someone will tape that customer doing something and upload it to the internet and on that day he’ll think “man was I ever mean for what I did to that poor service tech…” Lets just hope the “crime” isnt as horrendous and wretched as taking a nap. There should be laws against that type of behaviour. Disgusting..

  6. Just to let you know Canadiancableguy, here is one American who is offended by your senseless characterization of all Americans as tending to find joy in others pain. Not sure what Americans you have had the misfortune of getting to know but they for the most part aren’t the ones I know.

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