How to do crisis communications–follow the Coasties

There is probably no better organization in the world at managing crisis communications than the US Coast Guard. They demonstrated it in Hurricane Katrina and they demonstrate it almost daily in their “routine” work of saving lives and keeping our coastlines safe. Today was just another day and another example of outstanding rescue work and outstanding communications about the rescue work. The Coast Guard uses their virtual communication center technology to great effect including aggressively posting videos and images. In the case of today’s rescue of 23 crew members from a nearly capsized auto cargo ship in Alaskan waters, their communication style, approach and technology are on full display.

CG rescues 23 from Cougar Ace

Congratulations men and women of the Coast Guard and another great job!

To see for yourself how the Alaska (District 17) Coast Guard communicated about last night’s rescue, go to their public information site.