Hitler restaurant–who really wins?

Well, it appears the owner of the Hitler-named restaurant in Bombay has “seen the light.” He changed the name after meeting with members of Bombay’s Jewish community.

But the interesting question to me is, who wins? Did he create a brilliant PR ploy, playing to one of the most politically incorrect notions in our society knowing full well that his daring gamble would get lots of media play (and blog talk like this?) Or was he as culturally ignorant as it appears, not knowing that using the name would result in this kind of backlash? Not sure it matters to him. I’m guessing his restaurant is busy. Not only that, for alot of people it may very well be a “must see” location on their next tour to Bombay. That is the nature of fame–and particularly of celebrity in this instant fame game accelerated by the internet.

I hate to think how I am participating in it right now–but I am.