YouTube, Michael De Kort, and the new whistleblower phenomenon

Wow, talk about getting legs. Yesterday I blogged (based on a lawyer’s blog) about the latest whistleblower strategy using YouTube. Today it is in Time Magazine.

There are so many things to comment about this. This one I can’t avoid. James Bruni made the point that PR folks should be refocusing on mainstream media and admit they can’t control the blogosphere. He’s right about no control, but here is an example of a whistleblower’s probably unwarranted complaints suddenly making big time news via the MSM. And it came about through the new social media of the video site YouTube, plus probably the blog discussion. You simply can’t draw lines like that, Mr. Bruni. It is all important, and the blogworld and social media world is getting every more important.

Note what the Lockheed spokesperson says about not trusting what people put on YouTube. And then the comment from the reporter–“‘Anybody with a webcam and something to say, regardless of whether it’s true or not, can say it on YouTube,'” complained a Lockheed spokeswoman. This is, of course, the same charge leveled against bloggers and other amateur newsgatherers; and one could argue that is precisely the point.”

Crisis communicators–ever more vigilance is needed. You need eyes on all sides of your heads and not up your backside. What is said in one presumably obscure corner of the vast global conversation can find its way into Time and the front page of newspapers in mere moments. Is this an instant news world?

7 thoughts on “YouTube, Michael De Kort, and the new whistleblower phenomenon”

  1. Your report on the YouTube is interesting.
    As for Walmart, I would advise the antiWalmart groups to do a comedy parody of the Edelman ads for Walmart and upload them to the YouTube site. YouTube is great and yet another powerful tool for taking down bad corporate citizens.

  2. In 3 years I went through every org in LM. Through 3 ethics investiagtions, the CEO and the Board of Directors. Then I went to the Commandannt of the CG, the group commander of the 8 boats, the US Navy, NSA and all the relevent congressmen and senators who work with homeland security.

    I needed to level the playing field.

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  3. Mr DeKort–I appreciate very much your commenting on this blog. I’d be really interested to hear more of your thinking about why take your message to YouTube and what you have found as a result. My interest as you can tell is related to crisis management in a blog world and may find its way into my next book.

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