A quick crisis roundup–just for today

A quick review of organizations in the news in some form of crisis is a little mind boggling–and clearly too much for me to comment on. Particularly since I have to get ready to address a technology group on the topic of blogs in an hour.

Here are a few samples:

Dawson College–Montreal–already discussed here so won’t say more. (By the way, excellent message on their website (finally))

HP–big problems related to internal board squabbles. Leads the news in Economist this week. Chairman resigns and CEO assumes Chair.

YouTube getting sued for copyright issues. See story in Bulldog. 

Dell Computer is focus of Justice Department scrutiny. Economist: Dell revealed that the Justice Department has joined a widening investigation into the company’s accounting. Michael Dell, the computer-maker’s chairman, threw his support behind Kevin Rollins, the chief executive.

CNN’s Nancy Grace may be facing some real pressure after a woman she interviewed committed suicide. 

OK, that’s enough for one day.

Now, go get ready to talk about blogs.

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