Oh my goodness, the United guitar problem really went viral

I just noticed that Dave Carroll made himself into a musical superstar activist with his complaint about United. Now over 3.4 million–yes I said million, views of his musical “tribute.” When I blogged on this earlier, there were only half a million. It’s caught the attention of communication publications as a great example of the severe damage that can be caused by a single example of poor customer service.

So what’s a company to do: 1) be afraid, be very afraid. 2) prepare to respond very, very, very quickly 3) engage in social media right now–make it part of who you are and what you do 4) use this an example in all your customer service training (not just United, and not just airlines–this example is universal) 5) make very visible all that you do to correct the situation, both from a service standpoint and what you do to mollify the talented Mr. Carroll.

3 thoughts on “Oh my goodness, the United guitar problem really went viral”

  1. This video is great. good to see that someone can bring a giant to their knees. PS also loved your singing. Come to Colo to perform.

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