“Unending Flow” Gulf Spill Communications Case Study Now Available

For those interested in taking an in-depth, behind the scenes look at the massive communication effort during the Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Spill, I have written a 60 page analysis of the communication activities. A 7 page executive summary is also available.

The case study is organized into three sections: Internet communications including use of the PIER System, media coverage analysis, and organization structure. (Full disclosure for new crisisblogger readers, I’m the creator of PIER and founder of PIER System.)

The section on organization structure will be of special interest to those using the Incident Command System, the Joint Information Center and the National Response Framework’s ESF#15 External Affairs construct. Many of the most significant challenges in the communications related to the inherent differences and conflicts between these organization structures.

For those interested in the Internet communications, the numbers will be impressive: estimated 500 million hits to official sites providing info about the response including 155 million on the primary Unified Command website. 67,000 inquiries responded to personally. 35 million plus emails distributed to audiences seeking information. Intensive social media use and engagement. Background behind the live video feeds and the set up of “Turtle Talk,” the integration of live webcasting with live chat and Twitter.

Here’s the link for a copy of the case study.

Also, if you’d like to sit in on a free webinar briefing on Gulf Spill Communications, I’m doing a series of them and would love to have you participate.

Here’s the link to register for a briefing.

Please feel free to send these links to others involved in crisis communication who would appreciate a more in-depth understanding of what happened in probably the biggest crisis communication challenge in recent memory.

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