Is social media a good thing or bad thing?

I know, it’s a little like asking if the telephone is a good thing or bad thing, or television, or cars. Anything we do or make as humans is used for good or ill–the more powerful (think nuclear energy) the more the extremes tend to swing. So it is with social media.

But, this study and resulting graphic was brought to my attention. It tries to answer the question not for everyone, but for students. Specifically, does social media help or hinder their success in school, their social life, their sense of worth? The answers are interesting, but as the graphic shows, there is good, there is bad.

Here’s a few snippets–Using social media in class? Twitter helps grades (sharing answers) while Facebook definitely does not (down 20%). Heavy FB users have a strong social life, but it definitely cuts into making money as an extra curricular activity. Social media provides news, but it is clearly addictive. Using FB boosts self confidence, but it creates narcissism.

OK, you get the picture. Those of you concerned about employee use of social media at work should take a good hard look at this graphic. I would conclude that heavy SM use is personality driven and that there comes a point for nearly everyone where too much of a good thing is nothing less than a bad thing.

Let the social media bashing begin.