Twitter rules and I was wrong

I said a long time ago that I thought Twitter would die. I was wrong (gosh I hate to say things like that!). I was commenting on the rapid comings and goings of social media channels and fads and while things do change with great rapidity in this business, Twitter has proven that it has a solid place in our information sharing world.

Twitter has become in many ways a replacement for traditional news media. What do I mean? I was talking to a friend in the UK this morning (skype of course) and he told me of an industrial incident near his home. He tried to find out about it through the company’s website, through local news media–nothing. Then he thought Twitter. A quick check and he had all the info he needed.

It reminded me of a story I shared here earlier about another friend and client who heard from a babysitter about police activity near his home. Could find nothing from the news media, and even from the police despite his high connections there. I suggested Twitter. He immediately learned exactly what was happening in real time.

Now Twitter is expanding and improving. They just announced at the All Things D conference that they are offering their own photosharing service. Sucks to be twitpic right now. They’ve improved search, and Firefox is embedding hashtag searches right into the browser.

Twitter as the news source for the world will become even more ubiquitous. Amazing. Walter Cronkite, your replacement is not a new journalist-star, it’s a crazy little online service called Twitter.