Another proud dad post

If you’ve been watching TV at all in the last couple of weeks, there’s a very good chance you saw our lovely daughter Ashley. She is featured in a TV commercial for Finish dish detergent which was filmed at our home. It was quite an experience for all of us–in part because the New York advertising agency team who came across country to do the filming hired our son Chris as one of the cinematographers. Ashley writes about the behind the scene experience including being filmed by her older brother in this blog post.

He, as some of you know, has been rapidly building a career as a top-notch cinematographer on a number of well-known reality TV shows and documentaries. Now, doing some producing and developing TV series of his own.(Did I mention his prime-time Emmy nomination for cinematography?)

Ashley was selected based on the popularity her now even more well-known food blog, Not Without Salt. Her numbers, of course, put crisisblogger to shame–but its OK because I am more than compensated with plenty of parental pride.

In the meantime, our other son Geoff is following in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps by forming his own web software development company called Decapoda Digital. That’s after seven years of contributing greatly to the success of the world’s leading web system for managing crisis and emergency communications–including service as webmaster at the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill.

Of course, as proud as I am, I must take the greatest credit for doing such a good job of choosing their mother. Lynne and I just celebrated 38 years of marriage and it does get sweeter all the time. Thanks Hon!