What is the future of news? Media “mavens” tell the future

Business Insider talked to a group of media “mavens” about the future of news. I think the selection of who is an “expert” today is interesting of itself, and a related story about the top ten brands to be big in the future gives even greater insight into Business Insider’s perspective.

Prognostications on the future of news are very interesting because the opinions vary so much. We are obviously in a time of great ferment and change and those who have much at stake in this game tend to see things going their way. For example, Steve Fowle, publisher of a local news tabloid sees a big future in web offset printing (different kind of web).

I also found it absolutely fascinating that Janis Krums is one of the media “mavens” interviewed. Janis Krums, you may recall, was the Florida tourist who happened to be on a ferry in the Hudson River when Flight 1549 crashed in front of him. He snapped a twitpic and made a quick tweet which became the tweet that woke up the media to the value of Twitter as a police scanner of global proportions. Now he is a new media consultant. Ah, the power of the new media to create instant brands and instant experts!

I found the comments of Mark Cuban and Jason McCabe Calacanis most intriguing and in my mind, most on target (shows my perspective). Cuban said,

“I think the future of news is the branded curation of news.

We currently tend to follow big branded entities and aggregators, the NY Times, Huffington Post, Fox News or MSNBC, etc. I think big brands will continue to do fine. However I think the fastest growing segment of the news business will be individuals who create a brand around their name and a niche about which people trust them to educate or entertainment them. John Doe on the best salads in NY. Sally Doe on the local school board. As these niche news individuals gain any momentum or scale, they will be bought or licensed by the big news groups and integrated into bigger sites.”

And Calacanis, a serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley said:

“The Future of News is video from experts. The age of journalists–and simple “writers”–having exclusive control of the news flow has ended. Vertical experts are now either going direct to consumers or being syndicated in online properties. Text-based content is moving to video due to internet-enabled TVs, iPads and user preference. The difference between an expert on video and a journalist in video is stunning. Journalists can look very uninformed when speaking on video, but experts shine when speaking off the cuff–for obvious reasons.”

Branded curation of news and the shift to self-broadcasting using video. If this is right, public relations experts and crisis communicators need take note.

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