SDGE not only tweets–they do rumor management well, too (my apologies)

San Diego Gas and Electric demonstrated the viability and necessity of Twitter for communications in their massive power outage on September 8. But they are also demonstrating that they clearly understand one of the most important requirements of crisis communication management is rumor management. Unfortunately, the rumor they had to quash was one I communicated.

In my earlier version of analysis of the communications during this event I noted that they did a great job of tweeting but started about an hour after the event. This was incorrect and based on timing information I saw on their tweets. That is confusing because of establishing hashtags. As their communication manager pointed out to me (in an email that was exceptionally gracious given my apparent criticism) they actually started  tweeting at 3:52 p.m., about 14 minutes after the outage occurred. An observant crisisblogger commenter also noted the earlier tweeting.

The corrected version of my analysis is posted on my website here.

SDGE–my apologies and great job of rumor management!