Huffington Post publishes an article I really like!

Yes, I must admit that I probably don’t fit the profile of the typical HuffPost reader. Part of that online filter bubble thing I just blogged about. But today they published an article I really, really like–and it even has my name in it.

It is a review of the film “Lost Airmen of Buchenwald” which was based partly on my book “A Fighter Pilot in Buchenwald” and for which I had the privilege of serving as Executive Producer.

A couple of weeks ago my 90 year old fighter pilot friend, Joe Moser, and I were at a sold-out screening of the film in Tacoma. Afterwards, Carla Seaquist came up and introduced herself as a reporter with the Huffington Post. She did a fabulous job with this review and I really like the suggestion that PBS pay attention. This is a story that deserves to be told far and wide, in part to give honor to these brave wonderful men, all near or above 90 years of age, but also to honor all those who served with them who are no longer here to hear our expressions of admiration and appreciation.

Help spread the word–DVDs are available at and Christmas is coming!