A dog rescue, a fishing story and a DUI victim

OK, this is very strange. Not sure how it fits crisisblogger other than to show how the internet and social media help us connect the dots like nothing else.

My son Chris has a good friend, Rory, who is one of the most avid fishermen in the world. He fishes out of his kayak almost continually, visiting many different places. He’s in Sarasota, Florida fishing about a half mile off the shore when something very strange happens. A dog comes swimming up to his kayak. Being a technology guy, Rory video tapes his fishing escapades and shares his highlights on Facebook. So the dog swimming up to his kayak, him pulling it out of the water and drying it off, talking to boats around there trying to find the owner, all of that was videotaped and put up on YouTube.

But, the mystery remained. Why was a dog out swimming by himself a half mile off the shore? The mystery apparently was solved by someone watching the YouTube. The dog belonged to a woman who was out walking it when she was struck and killed by a drunk driver. The story is told in this ABC news post.

It is a sad story. The fact that you can share the sadness of such an unnecessary death and the pathos of a frightened dog, with a rescue caught on video and shared with the world, describes in a powerful way, more powerful than words, how our world has become connected.


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