How to combat the “pink slime” attack?

Beef Products Inc. (BPI) is in a fight for its life because of the labeling of their beef product as pink slime and the fear and outrage generated by Jamie Oliver, ABC News and others, including Food Inc. It will be interesting to watch how they try to recover. Seems a pretty steep challenge given the widespread news reports and the epithet “slime.”

Here’s one example of what they are doing. It’s a video on YouTube showing their response to the way they were treated by the producers of Food Inc. For personal reasons I won’t comment further, but let you be the judge.

Would love to hear some crisisblogger readers comment on how BPI should react–other than saying that now is too little and too late.

One thought on “How to combat the “pink slime” attack?”

  1. Personally, I stopped eating any fastfood ground beef specifically because I’d learned of pink slime. But, that’s neither here nor there… Here’s a tool for them to show their confidence in their products:
    Do a short video of the CEO walking through meat processing, from beginning to end. Have the video end with him taking the product out a door to a picnic-table and BBQ set-up. Introduce the CEO’s family, the VP’s and their families, the plant managers and their families.
    Form a patty, grill it, put it on a bun with some condiments and hand it the CEO’s child to eat. Have the CEO eat one. Show everyone eating/enjoying the product.

    I know that sounds like a lot, but leave it to a professional director/videographer to figure out how to fit it all in.
    The important thing is for management to show that they have enough confidence in their product that they feed it to their own families.


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