The best list of social media monitoring tools I’ve ever seen

Ah yes, everyone seems to know by now that if reputation matters, you gotta monitor. And everyday I see more and hear more about how the brightest minds are solving the dilemma of finding the needle of relevance in the haystack of cr–uh, irrelevance.

I am seeing more and more good lists of options for monitoring from the basic and free to the richly complex and very expensive. But, thanks to Kim Stephens’ idisaster 2.0 blog, here is the best list I’ve seen so far. I know I’ll be referring to this wiki when asked for good social media monitoring tools.


6 thoughts on “The best list of social media monitoring tools I’ve ever seen”

  1. Gerald

    This is tremendous and yes the most comprehensive list I have ever seen. I am happy to pass along.

  2. Hello Gerald,

    Indeed, very powerful list. Based on that, you would be pretty interested to check out an online platform that is focusing on summarizing & reviewing all the online monitoring analytics tools, including social media. It’s called AboutAnalytics. I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy it.

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