2 thoughts on “Shell facing sophisticated, planned social media attack”

  1. What we really lack in this free-for-all, ”don’t regulate the truth” channel called the internet is a watch dog–someone like the FCC. We would never dream of exposing the public to this kind of lies and deceits on say, television. Why in heaven’s name do we continue to allow the internet to be a bastion of irresponsible behavior? I think we are headed into a place where nothing on the internet will be believed anymore. There is no voice out there helping us sort out truth from fiction until it’s too late. I’m not talking censorship, just simple accountability. An organization like Shell, whether right or wrong, should not have to spend tons of money to overcome the negative spewed by someone like Greenpeace. Lawsuits? Maybe, but that’s another quagmire on the internet. Not sure what the answer is.

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