Answering some fundamental crisis communication questions

Todd William of Reputation Rhino is a very smart marketer. By asking a number of crisis communication experts and pseudo experts (like me) some basic questions about crisis communications, he’s getting all those who (like me) want to be included to help him build traffic to his site.

Here are my answers to Todd’s excellent questions.

But, I like the questions he asked and it will be interesting to see the differences. For example, the differences between my response and Wiley Brook’s response is instructive. We were asked what are the biggest mistakes people make in dealing with the media. Mr. Brooks answered that executives were too often not accessible enough to the media. My answer was that most crisis communicators are too media-centric. Mr. Brooks comes at this from a media training background, and I come at it much more from a digital communications background so that no doubt plays into our different perspectives.

So the knowledge you can gain from these interviews is sort of like the internet itself. Don’t believe anyone person or advice–but the cumulative advice from many coming from different perspectives just might help you out.

Great idea, Todd.