Republican convention demonstrates new and old media interplay

It’s a multi-channel world. That seems a trite and too obvious thing to say. But, as I just blogged on, it is still very clear when dealing with communication plans of major companies and government agencies, that many still do not get this.

How about the Republican National Convention–that would be an old media event, wouldn’t it? Not so much. As this Reuters article makes plain, it’s a multi-media world. Yes, TV audiences (and presumably even some newspaper) audiences are there. But much of the action, reaction, interaction is on social media. In fact, measuring that interaction is one way the old media interprets the events: Ann Romney stole the show according to many media reports, in part because her Twitter score went way up and her speech generated 6,195 tweets per minute, compared to Gov. Christie, who according to some of these reports fell on his face, only generating 6079 tweets per minute.

The point should be clear. If you are a communicator, you need to go where your audiences are. Where are they? In front of the TV, and (often simultaneously) on their mobile devices and the Internet.