Sandy media coverage seems too much about politics

Natural disasters usually highlight the still critical role that TV plays in informing the public. Cable TV still leads as the primary source of news, with the Internet close on its heals and apparently closing fast.

I’m not sure, but I’m thinking Sandy, still beating up parts of North America, will accelerate the change. I tried to watch the news, switching between a few different channels. But got frustrated with what seemed to me to be the obsession with analyzing the politics around the event. Yes, I do know, we are in the final few days of a presidential race, and yes, it is very important to me like most others. But I don’t really want every news report about the storm to turn into whether President Obama or Gov. Romney is most likely to gain. Nor do I want, when lives are at stake, to hear the endless pundits (including those often posing as reporters) to be analyzing every word spoken by either candidate as to whether or not they are heartlessly trying to take advantage of the situation for their personal gain.

At least when I go to the Internet for information about the storm, I can choose whether or not I want it to be about politics or the storm. I may be alone in turning off the TV for this blatant politicization, but if I am not, it will only further accelerate the change to digital communications for news content.