Did you hear about DKNY’s big crisis about using unauthorized images?

Wow, this is a big one. Looks like DKNY was negotiating to buy some images from a prominent photographer, they didn’t agree on a price and the next thing you know these unpurchased images showed up in a DKNY store window! Big problem, right?

No, not really. And the reason you may not have heard of this “crisis” is because it was identified quickly, and quickly and smartly addressed. It did show up in PR Newser but by the time anyone, including the fast-on-the-draw PR newsletter, the issue was already resolved. 

And that’s the point. It could have been big. It wasn’t. (I almost feel bad for helping to bring it more attention). And the reasons why?

– the issue was identified quickly
– an apology along with a reasonable explanation was offered
– they backed it up with a $25k payment (which seems to me way more than reasonable given the inadvertent error that caused the problem)
– the offended person, the photographer, was quite gracious (even though I think his $100k donation suggestion was a bit over the top–good thing he didn’t suggest it go to him)

This is how a lot of crises should be handled. Probably many more are than we realize because they are dealt with before they come to our attention. When they are handled this way, we need to recognize the success and emulate it. Great job DKNY pr team!