Apparently, if you hire a crisis communication expert it’s a sign you’re desperate

I’da thought online media sites like mediabistro wouldn’t typically act like mainstream media editors–but here’s one great example.

Mediabistro’s PRNewser pokes fun of Sony for hiring a crisis communications practitioner as its new head of communications. This makes it an “act of desperation.” Give me a break.

I worked in marketing and PR for probably at least 20 years before I got seriously into crisis communication. Crisis communications is very much like all other communication activities except in at least some cases there is extra seriousness, significance and speed. To me, and I suspect many others like me who have experience in a broad range of communications, crisis communication is attractive because it is exceptionally challenging. Not to everyone, I’m sure.

An emergency room doc is an expert in trauma, but he can still dispense antibiotics if you need them. Seeking out such an expert for wider ranging services does not constitute an act of desperation. Sounds like a smart move to me.



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