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Kathy Griffin's Emmy comments about Jesus

I was there. I heard them myself because my son Chris was a nominee for best cinematography for Intervention, and I heard what Kathy said. For those who may not know about this brouhaha, go to the Catholic League article about it and also all the Newsvine comments.

To me it is a great example of values in conflict (see previous post). She said those things to suck up to her friends and power players in Hollywood–just like Spike Lee did earlier in the evening getting into a irrelevant rant about our president. Sucking up. The really funny thing is that Kathy something about all those people coming up and thanking Jesus for their award. I was there–not a single award winner thanked Jesus, one thanked God without referencing Jesus. So, not sure what she heard. Chris, my son and nominee were talking about this after the show. We wondered what the reaction would be if she had said: Allah had nothing to do with me winning this–suck it Allah!” There would have been shock and horror in the audience and it would have been profoundly insulting–not only to Muslims, but also to the audience who believes it is inappropriate to insult the Islamic faith. Not so with Christianity.

The hypocrisy of those who would defend her comments is too obvious to even comment on. The point here is not defending Christianity or the founder of it, but to comment on the huge cultural divide the separates our country. It is sad, disturbing and destructive. Thanks Kathy, for making that divide so painfully obvious. And I hope your new “god” treats you well.

OK, I'm proud and I admit it–Chris and Intervention Emmy Nomination

This is strictly personal, but it’s great fun these days to tell the world that I am indeed the father of Emmy-nominated cinematographer Chris Baron, who just won a Primetime Emmy nomination for his work on the A&E show “Intervention.” Here is the news story from the local, hometown newspaper, the Lynden Tribune.

I never thought the Emmy's were such a big deal…until now.

Wow, I look at all the news coverage and all the buzz and all the excitement and I see what a big thing these Emmy’s are. Imagine then how I feel as the father of an Emmy-nominated cinematographer. Yes, our son Chris, who I have blogged about before regarding his great work for the A&E show Intervention, has been nominated for an Emmy for outstanding cinematography for primetime reality television. The episode that was nominated, “Sylvia” was shot by him and he subsequently has been named Director of Photography for the series.

Chris, this is a dream come true. I’m so proud of you–not just for the great work you do, but for the personal mission and desire to change and improve the world that you embody in your work.