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PR community starting to take notice of blogs

There are increasing signs that the PR community is sitting up and taking notice of the blog world. This is article from PR Tactics and Strategies online is a pretty good summary.

I share the concern of Scoble and Israel, however, in Naked Conversations. That PR world which centers around a complex process of approval and review with multiple levels of executive oversight and attorney vetting will struggle with the “right now” and “say what you mean” demands of the global online watercooler.

They will adjust, and some will do better than others no doubt. But for many it will not come easy and will seem completely counter intuitive to everything they know about how to do PR.

Well, it ought to blow BBC's mind…

Robert Scoble on scobleizer apparently had some folks in the BBC in to have a look at his blogging. Here’s his post from scobleizer. What blew their mind was his stats on his blog. They said their stats weren’t much bigger on their website. Interesting, huh? One of the largest, most prestigious news organizations generates similar traffic to one guy writing with nothing more than a laptop and a Ford Focus. OK, so he doesn’t need the Focus for writing. The point is we are in a “post-media world.” A term I coined or at least used in my book Now Is Too Late back in 2001. When a single person can generate global audiences with as little investment as this–along with good writing, savvy SEO, a best selling book and all that–it means the media no longer dominates as they did.

That’s a no brainer to a lot in the blog world, they are there already. But as I work with lots and lots of communicators and executives in the world of large government organizations, global corporations, large non-profits and the like, I can tell you that it is news to them. And it is going to take a long time before the reality of what this means to them really hits them. When it does, as I like to say, it may be too late.