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Add Apple to the list of not getting the blog world

The thing about blogging is that bloggers tend to have the last word. Lawyers don’t get that very well. And corporate leaders who let the legal brains take the lead on the blog world, are setting themselves up for some real nastiness in the blog world.

This is the message I tried to communicate about Disney as related to their legal attacks on Spocko. Apple has a history of protecting their intellectual property very aggressively–understandable given the fact their value is increasingly tied to their stunning innovations. But, you take this thinking into the blog world too far and you are going to get hammered. Blogging (and increasingly the internet) is about conversing. And when the reaction to conversation is to bring out the legal beagles, it tends to annoy those who just want to talk about things. If a conversation involves proprietary property, the polite thing to do is to make a request. Just say please. If there are competitive reasons, or the property in question can do substantial harm to the company if not protected, then say pretty please, or else. But to just jump up with the barking dogs isn’t polite, doesn’t make much sense, and will cause the kind of reaction that Apple is seeing in the blog world: see techcrunch article called Apple Bullies Bloggers Again.

Here’s the risk–Apple is riding high. Stock is skyrocketing. Innovations pile on innovations. Complete domination in key markets. And now comes the arrogance. We all like winners. We hate arrogant winners. Arrogant winners become losers. And we become glad. Pride goeth before the fall. And all this thinking just because they let loose some eager lawyers to beat up on bloggers. Apple, wise up.

ebay stock plunges and paypal exec shuffle

While I’m not claiming this is in response to my post of a couple of days ago, but clearly things are in turmoil at ebay with some management shuffles, etc. The market does not seem to have responded well to ebay’s decision to put a wall around paypal. See techcrunch story.

Bad decision, poorly communicated in my estimation. It will be interesting to see how ebay attempts to recover. Will they reverse positions? Ist seems inevitable but how long will they wait? I can imagine the discussions going on right now. When they do reverse positions, what justification will they offer for making the original decision and what conditions will they claim have changed that justify a reversal. Being painted in a corner is what I call it.