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Universities finding text messaging not the panacea they thought

I commented earlier about the rush of universities to adopt phone-based notification systems in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy. I also predicted that there would be another wave of purchases made by universities once they realized that notification alone is not the solution. (You can read my White Paper: Notification is Not Communication).

Now there is some proof that universities are indeed recognizing that text notification is not the panacea they thought in the rush to find solutions. Here’s an article from the about a campus security conference in Baltimore.

Our point has simply been that when you need to reach multiple audiences in a hurry you need a single communication platform that will allow you to communicate in all modes (push, pull and interactive) and distribute (push) in multiple modes including text, phone, email, fax, special purpose website, and RSS feeds (which enables distribution to social media sites as well). And that you need to include the media in a simultaneous distribution because frankly some people still use radio and tv to get information–plus news websites. So instant, comprehensive communication management is the key. Reliance on one method alone is certain to disappoint.

Higher Education Webinar with Widmeyer

I’m here in DC for a series of meetings and yesterday conducted a webinar on communications for higher education with Widmeyer Communications. I am so pleased to be partnering with this exceptional public relations firm. They are very well regarded in a multitude of areas and one of those is higher education. We had over 50 university leaders and communicators on the call which included Dr. Tim Tinker, a nationally recognized expert in risk and crisis communications.

If you weren’t able to be on the call but are interested in the notes and possibly the recording from this webinar, you can get that by emailing