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Here are some of the blogs and online resources I like:

Neil Chapman, Alpha Voice Communications: http://www.alphavoicecommunications.com/

Neil has been client, mentor and good friend for a number of years. As one of BP’s top communication leaders he was on the front-line of numerous major events in the past years. A former reporter, he is now a crisis communication consultant located in the UK.


Jim Garrow of the Philadelphia Dep’t of Public Healt blogs here about crisis communication, crisis response and public health communication. He previously blogged at breakingglass as “Jimmy Jazz.”

Bill Boyd has an excellent blog that focuses on social media in emergency management. He is a very experienced Incident Commander, Fire Chief of a mid-size city, and nationally known advocate for using social media not just for communications but for operational effectiveness.

It’s Not My Emergency

Leonard Sipes. I’ve been having some interesting conversations with Leonard about pros and cons of social media in crisis and emergency communication. Join in.

Leonard Sipes

Kim Stephens

idisaster2.0  One of the best blogs on social media and emergency communications.

Patrice Cloutier

Patrice is one of the most eager observers and commenters on all things related to social media and crisis and emergency communication. Get on his daily distribution of relevant posts.

crisis comm commandpost








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