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Getting on CNN.com–I found the secret

As a PR person for many years, scoring a lead story on CNN.com would be a real coup. Well, I finally did it and I will share my secret. Be lucky enough to share with the world the story of a wonderful and humble World War II veteran who went through hell for his nation and was never properly recognized. Then be lucky enough to have the book you have worked on for two years come out just as the Air Force has found out that the guy never received his Distinguished Flying Cross and consequently make a determined effort to make certain he is duly honored and that the world knows about it. Then be lucky enough to have a tremendous reporter like Patrick Oppmann from CNN show up at the award ceremony, find out what a terrific man this veteran is, stay up a good part of the night reading his story, and take it upon himself to make sure the world knows.

Here is Patrick’s story which is still on CNN.com (fading to the background fast).

If you are interested and want to hear a more complete telling of an incredible couple of days honoring Captain Joseph Moser, go to www.joemoserstory.com and read the blog (www.buchenwaldflyboy.wordpress.com).