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A big anniversary for Agincourt–the battle, not the company

I get a kick out of the looks I get when say the name of my company, Agincourt Strategies. Huh, why Agincourt? There are a few who get the historical reference but the meaning intended is not usually clear.

Today is the 598th anniversary of the battle of Agincourt, or Azincourt in the French spelling. And boy wouldn’t I love to be there for the re-enactment they are planning of shooting a thousand arrows into the air at once. The sidebar on the linked story tells the history very well, but in brief, Henry V of England in 1415 invaded France to enforce his claim to the French throne. The decisive battle was at Agincourt on October 25. Thousands, some say as many as 30,000 French mounted knights from all around the realm came out to defeat the rag tag, sick and hungry English. But Henry had a secret weapon–the longbow. He strategically arranged his 600 archers to pour their fire into a low and narrow area on a sodden battlefield, where the French knights would have to cross to get at the few English mounted knights. The French came roaring across the field, into the mud, and were met by a volley of arrows like had not been seen before. The arrows penetrated armor and the fallen knights and horses created a horrific pile onto which additional thousands of French knights followed. More were killed by being stampeded and asphyxiated in their armor than died by arrow or sword.

OK, so I love military history. What does this have to do with a communications training and consulting business? The application of new technology, skillfully and strategically applied can change the world. And, in the case of crisis communication and reputation management, can protect and enhance reputations even when facing all the power arrayed against your reputation in the form of both traditional media and online attacks.

Two things are needed: The appropriate technologies. The right strategies.

I think it apt.