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Will Twitter outlast New York Times?

Peter Thiel, PayPal co-founder said in a recent press conference that Twitter would outlast the New York Times. Gil Rudawsky of GroundFloor Media reported on this and asked the question in a recent blog post.

I’d hate to make that prediction as I, a very long time ago, boldly predicted that Twitter would soon be gone. I thought people would tire of sharing the particular Starbucks drink they were enjoying which seemed to be the primary point of Twitter at the time (see, the name suggested to me a bunch of meaningless bird-like tweeting). How wrong I was as Twitter has become the driver in today’s news coverage, and one of the most significant news channels currently available. If Mr. Thiel is right, even more significant than the mighty New York Times.

It fascinates me no end that so many in crisis communication seem to have trouble grasping the significance of this change. But I would suggest, as Boston Police showed in their excellent use of Twitter during the bomber manhunt, that Twitter has made public information and media relations a much, much simpler game:

If you do nothing else in a major event other than providing near continuous tweets about what you know and what you don’t know, in 140 character bites, you will still be the communication champ.