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What do you think–should BP defend itself?

BP’s new CEO Bob Dudley has taken a number of strong steps to try and rebuild the oil company’s shattered reputation. Those steps include firing some senior executives, creating a new unit focused on safety, announcing that bonuses near term will be based on one factor alone–safety performance. All of these have been generally positively received.

But last week in the UK at a presentation to a business group he did one other thing that has been widely criticized: he suggested media coverage of the event wasn’t entirely accurate. Wall Street Journal wrote about this in a pretty balanced way, but others, including Daily Dog seemed shocked and appalled that the company would dare defend itself or, in their eyes, try to shift blame for this on the media.

What do you think? Clearly BP has to work hard at rebuilding public trust and clearly they face an uphill climb. It is right for them to point out some of the erroneous reporting that contributed to their problem or should they continue to focus on their own failings and keep quiet about how others may have contributed to their problems?