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“Snackable content:” great way to describe digesting digital comms

I just saw a 15 second video that purported to explain exactly what PR was. Got me thinking about how one of the key attributes of good communicators today is the ability to simplify info down to the smallest possible nub. We are exposed to something like 30,000 messages a day so we don’t have a lot of time or patience for long form content–unless we are hungry for it.

That’s why I really like this term “snackable content” which is ascribed to “social media trailblazer” Ekaterina Walter.

Hmmm. Snackable. As in delicious. Something that sounds good right now. Something I know won’t fill my appetite for a good, substantial wholesome meal, but it won’t spoil it too much either. Something that I can do on the fly while I’m doing half a dozen other things.

Mobile phone users (and who isn’t) are said to use their phones over 150 times a day. That’s one heck of a lot of snacks. Of course, this is one of the problems of our obese culture–we snack constantly and then still eat big meals.

But, I’m wandering from the point. If you are creating content–which you most certainly are in a crisis–think about snackable content. Make it quick, easy, attractive, with plenty of salt and sugar. But, don’t forget you still have to serve up the big meals for those who go beyond snacks and require something more substantial.