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Is cancer a crisis? If so, here’s some great news.

We’re very grateful that the dreaded “C ” has not invaded our family at any close range. But certainly, when it happens, it is a crisis of the highest magnitude. I’m suggesting this to try to bring some crisis relevance to a very interesting short film.

Called “Bringing Light” the film reveals a new discovery from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle. Remarkably, Dr. Jim Olson has discovered that toxin from scorpion venom has a unique property of finding and attaching to only cancer cells. By attaching “molecular flashlights” to the toxin and injecting it in a patient’s bloodstream, the tumor and only the tumor are lit up. Brain surgeons have the ability to only remove the tumor and minimize any collateral damage by removing health tissue.

The three minute documentary on this discovery is part of a documentary film contest and is a semi-finalist. If it makes it through the next round, it will be featured at Sundance. Which would be a really big deal to the producers of this little gem–including our son Chris Baron.

OK, so this post isn’t about traditional crisis management or communication. And it is promoting our son’s incredible work. So, I’m sorry.