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Blippy's Crisis Response–classic too little too late

Ragan.com asked for a few comments about the Blippy crisis which was published today on Ragan’s widely read newsletter. For those interested in the quick take: Blippy is a social media startup where users are asked to share their purchase histories by providing credit card information. The idea being that “collective intelligence” in consumer choices can help users make more intelligent buying decisions–such as which restaurant to go to. But you have to share your credit card info. And Blippy messed up a bit and some users credit card information ended up on Google searches. Sadly, it happened the same day Blippy got some nice PR in the New York Times. Unfortunately, their initial response was flippant and anemic. They did a much better job three days later, but, again too little too late. My comments published on Ragan included the observation that making decisions very early on when a problem first emerges is not only critical, but often excruciatingly difficult.