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Is crowdfunding journalism the answer? Could Kickstarter save our news?

The recent major media goof ups (CNN-FOX on Supreme Court, then ABC News and Brian Ross on the Colorado shooter) has me thinking more and more about a better model for professional journalism in the future. We need journalists, desperately. We need their expertise, judgment, fairness and story-telling gifts. But we are suffering from having those things which they offer us high-jacked by the intense competitive pressure.

I suggested on this blog that one way is non-profit journalistic endeavors. Not sure about it, but this item today in gigaom caught my eye. Kickstarter is the wildly successful means of providing start up funding–crowdsourcing investment funding. A friend of mine who is deep into angel investing said this approach is dramatically changing the angel funding picture.

Could journalism be funded this way? What biases and pressures would result that would lead to the similar results we have now? I’m not sure, but I am sure that, like our health care system, what we have in the major media today is seriously broken without having a clear idea how to fix it.