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Fedex takes swipes at social media marketing–the SM backlash begins

Judging from the content of all the email newsletters and PR publishers, social media is the only thing worth talking about. It’s much the same in marketing these days. All the “how tos” are focused on how to increase your likes or how to replicate the Oreo coup in the Super Bowl blackout.

But social media is not the be-all and end-all of PR, marketing or even crisis communication.  The new Fedex commercial takes a big broad swipe at social media, and in the process, at the youngsters who are dominating this world in the corporate and organizational circles.

Tell the truth, I don’t exactly see how Fedex is a better strategy for building the radiator valve business the company depicted is in. But, I don’t care. The point is very well made. The key to effective marketing, PR and crisis communication is having a clear, reasonable goal in mind and choosing the best strategy to achieve that. Often it includes, or may even focus on, social media. But more often than most would admit, the knee jerk reaction is to launch a new social media platform and hope that does the trick.