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Instant crises, but Twitter slowing?

I’m glad to see that others are bringing more attention to the instant nature of crisis management these days, as in this article from PR Week. Mark Senak of Fleishman Hillard notes how different the Tylenol tampering event would be today.

At the same time there are a number of reports around that Twitter adoption is slowing. There are other reports that the actual use of Twitter may be declining.

I can almost hear a collective sigh of relief from communication managers. Not so fast. My prediction–made a while back on this blog–is that Twitter will fade and may die, but the underlying functionality of instant posting via email and text and the ease with which networks of followers can be created will be incorporated into everyone’s technology and used ubiquitously. That is already happening–Facebook didn’t wait around for example. You will see many more applications appearing with easy integration into how people are normally doing things. Check out Google Wave for one thing.

So don’t think for a moment that if Twitter slows, stumbles or dies that the underlying realities of instant communication change one bit.