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Al Jazeera’s big audience in Oregon and Vermont–and more fascinating media facts

Who’s tuning into the New York Times? To the Onion? To FOX, or MSNBC? Forbes worked with Bitly to dissect where media audiences reside for many major news outlets. And since we now have such disparity of perspective and political leaning, this media map says an awful lot about the orientation of the media audience in each state.

There are some surprises and some expected results: FOX News is particularly strong in Mississippi and Alabama, no surprise. But North Dakotan’s appear to love MSNBC–surprises me. My own state of Washington loves the New York Times (no great surprise) but it also appears to provide the biggest audience (online anyway) for the Wall Street Journal. Not only do North Dakotans love MSNBC, it seems they are fans of The Onion as well, as much as Wisconsin.

While Oregon and Vermont light up the screen for Al Jazeera, its interesting to see that Alaska, Washington, New Mexico and Texas also have an affinity for the channel. May have to do with military presence, at least in Texas and Washington. Don’t recall any big Army bases in Oregon and Vermont, however.