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Why crisis communicators should pay more attention to video

I’ve flogged this horse before, but this new info graphic from istock (and video version of it)┬áreminded me of the importance of video on the web.

Imagine it was 1994 and we were having a conversation about crisis communications. You said to me, “You know, this Internet thing might be big. I think crisis communicators ought to look at how this thing called a ‘web site’ might help in a crisis.”

“Pah, fooey,” I would say. “Why would anyone need that? Everyone knows that crisis communication is about putting out press releases and handing them out to the waiting press mob outside the door.”

If getting a website (for marketing, PR or crisis comm) was big then, think about video in those terms now. Video is rapidly becoming the language and format of choice for virtually all communications. It’s one reason I decided to get into video education and training. And why I started using video for my own marketing efforts (see my YouTube channel if you are curious). I even made this hoky video way back when I was starting to show video production could be quite simple.

Video for crisis communicators? Here are some suggestions:

– have simple, easy in-house production capability to create short videos of your CEO or key spokesperson conveying key messages in a crisis

– create high quality videos for background purposes so that when the world’s attention is suddenly on you, you can point them to good information well presented about your organization

– use video and online training to train your crisis communication team on how your plan works and to train them on very specific roles and workflows (I’ll show you some examples if you are interested)

– think about developing “message map videos” in addition to the message maps or templates you have for your high likelihood/high impact event scenarios

– have the capability in-house to quickly and easily create simply voice and title videos using b-roll that you have readily at hand

If there is interest in this topic, I’d be happy to put together a webinar on the kind of simple video production for crisis communication that I’ve been talking about. Be sure and let me know either by commenting here, or shooting me an email at gerald.baron@agincourt.us.