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What’s your image and video plan?

Frequent visitors here may have noticed a recurring theme in the past months: the importance of videos and images as part of communications overall, but specifically here crisis communication. I’ve pointed out the stunning statistic from Cisco that says that in 2010 30% of internet time was spent watching video, but by 2013 that will 90%. We’re getting close to 2013 so we’ll see how that prediction turns out.

Right or wrong, online content is turning into video just as video (TV, films, family movies and the like) are found online. But, in a time when most crisis plans seem to be stuck in the Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite era of pumping out some snazzy press releases and doing a press conference or two, considering how video and photography fits into your crisis communication plan seems like three steps ahead. But it’s not.

Bill Salvin takes on this subject and does a great job of providing practical advice on why it is important and what kind of policies to put in place regarding images. (not sure I completely agree on the Instagram thing as I think this photo service now owned by Facebook is more about easy sharing than doctoring photos.)