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Interest in Pinterest–an expert close to home

Pinterest, as most now know, is the fastest growing social media site–ever. That means it is relevant for crisis and emergency communication under the theory that you have to go where your audiences are. Pinterest’s audience is still over 80% women and some would describe it as a shared scrapbook–I wouldn’t, but some would.

When KING5 News, the leading TV broadcaster, decided to do a story on Pinterest they found a real expert in Seattle on it. Someone who uses it, loves it, and knows how to leverage its functions to expand the reach of their blog. None other than my daughter Ashley (Baron) Rodriguez. We watched her on TV last night as she explained to the Pacific Northwest just what Pinterest is and what it is good for. If you’ve been around crisisblogger very long, you probably already know that she is one of the top food bloggers in the world (not according to me, but according to Times Online of Financial Times London). Her blog Not Without Salt is gorgeous, filled with spectacular photos and of course great food which she creates.

Sure, I’m proud. But this also reveals one of my secrets of keeping up on this social media stuff. I’ve got three top experts in the family so I don’t have to go far to get the scoop on the latest.