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Instant news just got faster: twitter and the Toronto propane explosion

Twitter is the new face of instant news. This post talks about how twitter was used in the minutes after the Toronto propane explosion this weekend. It also shows a fascinating video posted on YouTube before the major news websites had the story. The video has had hundreds of thousands of views. You have to watch it for a minute or two to get the explosive effect.

One thing the video shows–the talking heads behind the anchor desks do a heck of a lot better job of commentary than the videographer here. Oh my god!

In case you don’t know, twitter is a text-to-web tool that is wildly popular among the texting crowd. It is a quintessential social media tool in that it is used primarily to keep friends and family informed of twitterers every move, mood and thought. Pretty exciting stuff–well it can get exciting when a propane tank blows up in your neighborhood. Twitter is one tool that more and more organizations are turning to keep a team informed of what is going on and also to communicate with the public in a fast-changing situation.