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“Whole New Game” video–my effort to explain social media impact on crisis communication

Everyone knows that social media and Internet have changed the rules of crisis communication. But as listen in on conversations about this it occurs to me that many don’t seem to understand the depth of the change. I tried to address this with the social media graphic which I published here earlier. I received many positive comments on this and requests to reprint. But I felt the graphic needed some explanation. I’ve tried to provide this explanation in a new video I just released:

“Whole New Game” video on Vimeo

“Whole New Game” video on YouTube

Not into video? Here’s the bottom line. Crisis communication is about informing the public about sudden events representing great risk to you and/or your organization. But, how the public gets that information has dramatically changed. The vital information used to flow from event > response > communicator > media > public. No longer. Now it goes:

event> public (those closest) > media/public/communicator/response > public

OK, that’s the problem. I can’t make sense out of it in a simple illustration. But the key points are the public finds out quickly through digital networking (whether they are online or not), the media finds out this way too, then they expand its reach often with an attention-getting agenda, their coverage furthers the interplay and it becomes a complex dance or conversation of observations, facts, comments, agendas, and rumors. Where does the communicator fit in? Ah yes, that is the question. And more on that in future videos.

I’d be very interested in your reaction to this video and whether or not this form of content is valuable to you and your organization.