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Discussion on “The Crisis Show”

Last night I participated in a discussion on “The Crisis Show” with Rich Klein.  David Van from the DeWintern Group in Australia, a reputation management expert, was also a guest.

It was a very enjoyable discussion about the SEC statement saying they would not (always, maybe, let’s obfuscate a bit) any longer settle with companies without an admission of guilt. We also talked about the spat between Men’s Wearhouse and founder/pitchman George Zimmer. You might enjoy listening in on these discussions.

In addition to the enjoyable conversation, I found it very interesting that there is essentially a TV show conducted globally using Hangout on Air. Technology today is making it remarkably easy for someone without years of technical training to mount their own show and air it for the world to see. Of course, securing an audience of any size is the biggest challenge–one we have to remember our friends in the media business face every day and night.

The point for crisis communicators regarding this kind of technology is that knowing how to use it, having some practice and experience with it may prove extremely valuable when the world is paying attention to you when you least want it. Being able to have your senior leaders speak even if they are around the globe, participate in live chat if you choose, or record it and post it on your website could be invaluable.

I know that Rich has some very interesting and worthwhile guests on his show which airs live every Wednesday at 7 pm EDT, but it is also posted on his website and on Google+. Just search “The Crisis Show” and you’re sure to find it.