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An unbelievable honor from SMEM expert Patrice Cloutier

I consider Patrice Cloutier, a former CBC journalist and communicator with a Canadian government agency, one of the top experts in the world on social media and emergency management and communications. No one that I know of digs deeper and has more insight into the remarkable changes being brought about by this phenomenon. Crisisblogger readers have benefited from the frequent tips he sends me about important developments, articles, blog posts. I hope all of you are subscribed to his blog crisis command post and his daily list of high value article and posts.

In the last few weeks Patrice has been assembling his list of “Top 25” destinations for social media and emergency management. I’ve been following this with interest and finding some great names, examples and resources here. I was thrilled to find myself included in Item #8 as one of several bloggers on Emergency Management.

So suffice it to say when I found that I had made the top of Patrice’s list, it took me some time to pick myself up off the floor. Patrice, you are more than kind, more than generous. But coming from you, who I know would be the tops on most people’s list if they went about assembling one as you have, it is an honor beyond belief.

A wonderful Christmas present. Here’s wishing all of you the very merriest of Christmases.