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Dave Carroll back with more music for United Airlines

I just don’t get it. After getting something like 4 million visits on YouTube for his entertaining complaint music video, Canadian musician Dave Carroll apparently is still ticked off at United. I just can’t believe they aren’t bright enough over there to give the guy the $1200 bucks he is asking for and get over this nightmare. Because now he is out with another even more clever and entertaining music video attacking United. Hey, the guy is an entertainer. He knows what his fifteen minutes of fame is worth. Why not milk it?

Now, if it turns out that United has played kissy face with him and he turned around and did this to them anyway, it will most likely blow up in his face. Watch out, Mr. Carroll. Your own self-interest, promotional instincts, pity-party or just plain greed may over take you and turn all the fame, sympathy and shared outrage against you.

But, for goodness sake United, make a dad-gummed music video saying, “Please Mr. Carroll, accept our apologies and this monstrous check,” and do it now before Carroll’s music videos top the Billboard charts. Hmm, do they still have those charts?